It’s Just A Boring, Ordinary Looking Box In An Empty Room…But Wait Till You See Whats In It

Looks can be deceiving… so make sure to never underestimate someone’s creativity. Take this box for example. It seems like it’s just a normal chest, albeit a cool one, right?

What it really is will leave your jaw on the floor. You won’t see this one coming. I didn’t.

It starts out as a normal box, just looking all boxy.

box1Then whoa. What are you doing, box?

box2It’s transforming into something.

box3I still don’t know what.

box4But it’s getting interesting. Is that a filing cabinet? box5Okay, that’s definitely a desk that just seemed to come out of thin air. box6More boxes within boxes. box7Within boxes. And a little chair for the desk. Cool. box8A closet appears to be forming in the corner… box9

And some kind of shelving to the right. Are you serious, box? box10

And a… could it be…? box11

For real? box12

That’s definitely a bed being produced before my very eyes. box13

With a pillow! box14

How all of that came out of a box just blew my non-engineering mind. But I want it. box15

It’s an entire room in a box! Yep, that’s apparently possible.

If I could find a way to stuff an entire apartment in a box, I’d be set. Any interior designer magicians out there?

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