This Guy Found A Real Message In A Bottle. You’ve Got To Read Its Story…It Tugged On My Heart.

Finding a message in a bottle is always an interesting plot point in movies. What’s inside? Will the glass vessel contain a treasure map? Will there be a cry for help from a stranded castaway possibly? Could it be a message meant for a lover lost at sea?

Anymore, these kinds of things are rare in our world. Now, all of the blank pages on the map are all filled in. Sending messages is as easy as punching in what you want to say and hitting send. These friends found an ACTUAL message in a bottle in 2014 and what it said? It was beautiful.

This bottle washed on the beach while some friends were soaking in the sun.


They tried opening it but it was tightly sealed.


Luckily someone was once a boy scout.


Inside was a rolled up piece of paper that was sealed with tape.


They unrolled it and read.bottle1

Now, Mel’s bottle is back on its journey across the ocean. I wonder where the bottle will appear next? If you’re curious to know too, help out and let your friends know by giving this a share on Facebook. Who knows, maybe they too will hold Mel’s letter in their hands.

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