Want to find out if the man you are dating now is a Keeper? Then this 15 signs will guide you through it..


1. He wants you to be friends with his colleagues

Since he talks a lot about you with his mates. He wants you also to get along with his friends. This will make it for him a lot easier for you to get to know him better.


2. He randomly remembers even the slightest details about both of you


All those random and fun moments? How could one guy forget all that. Even the slightest details such as your laugh, grin, jokes or even gestures. He can remember all those!


3. He sends you an article which makes him thinks of you


Guys can be very emotional being when they are into one particular girl. Not to mention they are all very “poetic” at some point. So when they find an article or even messages which makes him think of you. You will be flooded with all those!


4. You actually want to talk to your parents all about him


It might be awkward at some point mentioning a guy to your parents. But then their are moments you are far too excited and happy, that you just want to share it to anyone!


5. He’s interested about your job


Even if he does something completely different, he wants to understand exactly what you do, how you ended up there, and what you like about it.


6. You feel comfortable talking to him about what upsets you


You are at your Comfort Zone! For you, you see him as your advicer, love interest and best friend. At that point in time, you feel so comfortable sharing your thoughts and frustrations with him that he just gladly and willingly would listen to you.


7. He checks out on you often


In case you are so tight up with your schedules and activity. That you don’t have any spare time to get to see him. Well this guy, would do anything to see you! and even Surprises you!


8. He tells you he can’t wait to see you


There are times you don’t get to see each other. You only rely on virtual communication such as your mobile or internet. But isn’t it good enough to miss each other once in a while? Especially you get to hear from him. He wants to see you so bad!


9. You can’t stop talking all about him to your friends and family


You are a happy girl! Having to meet a guy like him can’t stop you from falling head over heels. You can’t resist sharing it with your friends how wonderful that guy is to you!


10. He wants to do something special in each occasion. Especially your BIRTHDAY!


Talking about Occassion! Anniversary, birthday, Christmas?! All of that is something memorable to you. Not to mention surprises are along the way and you can’t just help get tears of joy whenever he does it! SURPRISE!

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