This Family’s Water Kept Going Missing… So They Set Up A Camera. You Gotta See What It Caught!

When a Colorado family’s water started going missing from the barrel they kept in their backyard, they had no idea where it could possibly be going. They weren’t using it and there’s no way that much water was evaporating in only a day’s time. One day, after filling the barrel back up, they decided to leave a camera outside and record what’s been causing the water to go away. What they discovered is quite scary on paper, but the are nothing short of adorable.


Nothing yet.







Oh, here comes a bear to check things out. It must be curious about where all of the water has been going too.


What?! That bear’s been drinking it all?

Wait–the bear hasn’t been drinking the water. wm4

It’s been bathing in it! wm5

Hey, be careful! You’re going to waste all of the water splashing around like that! wm6

Aww! Okay, go ahead. wm7

It’s not often that you’re excited to see a bear in the direct vicinity of humans, but this one sure makes it easy! Share this surprising story using the button below.

thanks ViralNova

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